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Women.NYC’s programs are designed to help you connect to a thriving career in an industry with a big future in New York City, no matter where you are now. The Women.NYC Network is a digital hub where you can have 1:1 conversations with pros in tech, renewable energy, the green economy or life sciences, as well as participate in group conversations and events. We also offer programs and events that help you pivot your job or business to a booming field.

Your network is one of the biggest factors in your career success. How do you create connections when you’re pivoting to a new field or just starting out? Start with The Women.NYC Network, where you can meet pros who are invested in your success.

Female coworkers in discussion during team meeting in creative office.

The Women.NYC Network

Career conversations with pros you want to meet.

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Ready to Explore the new industries shaping the future? The Insiders Look, our newest addition to the Network, is your roadmap from curiosity to action. Spark your interest and ignite your passion with industry-specific events featuring expert speakers. Dive deeper through interactive mentorship with industry professionals, participate in interactive site visits, and receive personalized one-on-one coaching. Everything you need to go from curious to confident when entering the innovative workforce.

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Insider’s Look

Apply today and take the first step toward your future!

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Pivot To Growth is your personalized roadmap to success in high-growth industries. We empower participants to gain industry insights through expert-led seminars, identify in-demand skills with targeted workshops, and craft a compelling career narrative with one-on-one coaching.

By the end of our cohorts, you'll confidently navigate these industries, identify your strengths, stand out with a powerful story, and chart a clear path towards your goals. Whether you're seeking a complete career shift or aiming to grow your business within these innovative sectors, Pivot To Growth equips you with the tools and support to thrive.

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Pivot to Growth

Learn how to pivot your career path and entrepreneurial venture into high-growth industries of the future including tech, life sciences, and the green economy.

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Childcare is critical to a thriving economy in New York City and beyond. For far too long, lack of accessible and affordable childcare has been a systemic barrier to workforce participation and economic mobility for women, especially women of color and low-income New York City families. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to not only solve the childcare crisis, but to reimagine a future of care that is designed to meet the diverse needs of families.

The NYCEDC Childcare Innovation Lab strives to build a more vibrant and inclusive economy by helping NYC advance accessible new care solutions and supporting a thriving childcare innovation sector.

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