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Your Insider's Look into NYC's Future Industries

Introducing Women.NYC's Insider's Look, your exclusive gateway to the workforce of high-growth industries! This exclusive program opens doors to high-growth industries for early-career and career-changing women. Connect with industry experts through interactive workshops, mentorship opportunities, and personalized career coaching.

Transform your curiosity into confidence with our three-step program.

The Road to Success

Black women attending a tech conference.

Step 1 : Industry Event

Are you curious about careers in tech, life sciences, or the green economy? Take your first step with this introductory event that connects you with industry experts, and offers insightful talks and 1:1 networking!

Multi-ethnic and mixed age team of female engineer or architect team up to work on a construction project in a downtown city location.

Step 2: Site Visit

Go beyond the event! Selected participants get an exclusive "day in the life" experience at a host company. Dive into different careers, network with experts, and gain insights into the industry - all in one visit!

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Young woman working at home on a laptop.

Step 3: Digital Office Hours Plus

Keep the momentum going! Unlock exclusive access to industry leaders from featured companies, gaining insights into careers, skills, and more. Participation in Step 1 and 2 required.

Smiling young female engineer in protective workwear standing by turbines during an inspection at a wind farm.

She Goes Green: Career Paths in Sustainability

Watch the recording of our panel discussion to learn how early-career and career-changing women can succeed in sustainability and explore Green Economy careers.

Watch Here!

I am so proud to be part of this incredible women’s empowerment movement! We are a dedicated community of women supporting women, and intentionally lifting up the next generation of young, talented females! That’s the assignment!

Cathleen Trigg Jones
Women.NYC Advisor

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