Women of NYC, Make Your Power Move

Women still face too many roadblocks throughout their careers, whether they're starting their first job, launching a new business or working toward an executive track promotion.
These inequities are more pronounced for women of color, older New Yorkers and those with less access to educational and economic opportunity.

Women.nyc—part of the New York City Economic Development Corporation— is an ambitious program created to make NYC the best place in the world for women of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and identities to thrive in their careers, run businesses and launch startups.

We are committed to:

  • Connecting women of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and identities with tools to compete and advance
  • Fostering equitable NYC workplaces that create paths for diverse women to advance and policies that help them do so
  • Promoting inclusive growth and access in the industries that are driving New York’s economic future

By working with partners who share our mission to financially empower women and leveraging all the tools the city has to offer, women.nyc has rolled out groundbreaking programs that have a real impact: from free tech classes and career training to investment and crowdfunding, job connections, legal advice from the city’s most respected law firms and more.

New York City is committed to being the best place in the world for women to succeed.

Our Team & Advisory Board

Women.nyc is headed by Executive Director Faye Penn, who also leads the Initiatives team at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Our board chair is former Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, who is now the Founder and Managing Principal at MSquared, a nationwide real estate development and investment platform. We are advised by a dynamic group of New York City leaders across sectors. Read about our advisory board members, including Rebecca Minkoff (left) at a women.nyc salary negotiation workshop in October 2019.

Program Partners