Employer Childcare Toolkit

New Toolkit Shows How NYC Employers Can Support Caregivers

June 28, 2022 The pandemic laid bare the extent to which access to quality childcare is a bedrock of the economy.  Even before COVID-19, US employers lost $12.7 billion a year to employees’ childcare challenges. COVID-related daycare and school closings deepened those losses as over four million women left the US workforce in 2020.

Employers have a vital opportunity and role to play in galvanizing change in the lives of working families. To assist these efforts, “Toward a Working Future: A Childcare Toolkit for New York City Employers” outlines key strategies that business leaders can use to support caregivers, accompanied by practical tools to aid in implementation and case studies spotlighting companies that are introducing new family-friendly policies.

This effort is part of Mayor Eric Adams’s new Blueprint for Childcare & Early Childhood Education in New York City, an ambitious plan comprising $800 million in new planned investments to support equitable, high-quality childcare and education service delivery across the city. Combined with existing City spending, this represents a total of approximately $2 billion over the next four years.

We look forward to continuing to work with employer partners to implement the strategies included in, and beyond, this toolkit to expand access to childcare and support an equitable economic recovery.

Download the Childcare Toolkit here.