Help us build a one-stop shop for networking and career coaching 

By Marissa Mann

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s whom you know,” and nowhere is this more apparent than in hiring. One study revealed that nearly 85% of all jobs are filled as a result of networking, and research from LinkedIn has found that where you grew up, went to school and have worked can confer up to a 12-time advantage in access to opportunity.  

It’s well-established that people network with others similar to themselves, a tendency that leaves far too many talented New Yorkers on the sidelines. Women, for instance, are 28 percent less likely to have strong professional networks. For women of color, the “network gap” is even more acute, diminishing their paths to well-paying careers and senior leadership positions. is taking aim at the network gap with the creation of a new digital destination designed to help close longstanding gaps in career opportunity and professional development, particularly for women of color.   

It’s well-established that people network with others similar to themselves, a tendency that leaves far too many talented New Yorkers on the sidelines.

On’s digital networking platform, established professionals will offer free, one-on-one informational “office hours” where emerging professionals can connect with them for mentorship, coaching and network-building. Scalable, inclusive and equity-driven, the platform will rally New Yorkers to connect across communities.   

To launch this platform, is seeking technology partners to provide in-kind services for the creation, maintenance, and continued usage of the digital networking platform, and sponsoring partners to support the scaling and continuation of the program through funding. 

If you are an equity-focused and tech-driven organization and this effort sounds like it’s in your wheelhouse, click here to learn more about the project and respond to the solicitation.