Happy birthday to! Welcome to our new web site

By Faye Penn

We’re celebrating our first birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited to mark this milestone. was created to ensure that New York City remains the best place in the world for women to succeed in their businesses and careers. So in collaboration with agency and non-profit partners, we’ve launched a series of programs over the past year aimed at ending the gender gap in a number of realms: fundraising; tech training; film, web and theater production; small-business support and more.

There’s a gender gap in public spaces as well — currently, only five of 150 statues around the city depict female historical figures who actually lived. So we’re taking aim at that too, by announcing five new statues of women as part of She Built NYC. (Our partners at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs recently announced the artists for the Prospect Park statue of Shirley Chisholm, and we’re eager to see their vision come to life.)

While we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished, there’s much more to do — and over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing more about our efforts to help women in the workforce get paid what they are worth. A few sobering statistics reveal why that’s an urgent concern: nationally, white women earn $0.77 for every dollar a white man earns, black women earn $0.61 cents, Native American women earn $0.58 to every dollar and Latina women earn $0.53. In NYC, our pay gap shakes out differently, but the work of won’t be complete until women of all backgrounds are paid fairly and equally.

Today, we’re unveiling our new web site, aimed at simplifying navigation so you can find the programs and services you’re looking for as well as career-boosting events on our new calendar. In our news section, you’ll discover the stories of women, from a CUNY student to a high-ranking DSNY chief, who are crushing their careers with an assist from the City. You’ll also hear about why the Commission on Gender Equity is launching a five-borough tour — and how you can get involved.

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Our site refresh was designed by Rebecca Pollock and implemented by Coldsmoke Creative. Thanks to our partners all over the city for working with us and to the women who helped us tell their inspiring stories here. There are so many more to come.

Faye Penn is Executive Director of