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You have officially made a Power Move for yourself. Let’s dig a little deeper and see which resource would be most helpful in achieving your goals.

Four adorable kindergarteners in firefighter outfits.

PreK for all

Find free, high-quality full-day Pre-K programs for your 4-year-old so you can save that time and money to work on yourself.

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A cute three-year-old in glasses.

3K for all

NYC is rolling out free, high-quality full-day education to 3-year-olds. Find out if your district has a program.

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Tips from the pros

Chirlane McCray, First Lady of New York

  • Take time for yourself! Your well-being matters.
  • At work, don’t apologize for being a mom. At home, don’t
    apologize for caring about your job. Don’t apologize for being you!
  • Treasure those moments spent talking, singing and reading to your children. You’re making memories that will be precious.

Need more help?

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