Kristi Faulkner

Advertising and Marketing | Career pivots, Entrepreneurship, Job interview prep, Personal Branding / Networking, Workforce Re-entry

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More about Kristi Faulkner Kristi Faulkner is President of Womankind, a bespoke team of skilled brand strategists, content creation specialists, innovators, and graphic designers with broad experience from global brands to non-profits to startups. A disciplined creator and strategist, she is deeply passionate about original ideas, insights, and discovering new ways to articulate ambiguous thoughts with simplicity, clarity, and power. An advocate for clear vision, great storytelling, and driving impact, Kristi can skillfully generate endless strategic solutions and creative ideas for brands, businesses, and causes. Kristi is also a female founder, Forbes contributor, Keynote speaker, license holder and producer of TEDxColumbusCircle.